Infernal Ascendant

Egg Breaking

The Eldritch Blades crusaded on, drawing ever closer to Trektoplika‘s great tower and the lurk of Commander Malthurzuum. First, they stopped at the house of an alchemist, where Drakorgamort brought a werewolf to a gruesome end while his companions slew the Bugbear archers lying in wait behind a fallen boulder.
After Quarion bravely fought through the wards on a door ahead, they reached the alchemist’s lair. When The alchemist refused to give them the egg and pleaded that they not take it by force, Quarion, invisible, sneaked over to the egg and broke it.
At that moment, the oni that was bound to the alchemist’s body was released, killing the poor man in the process. They defeated this foe with heavy hearts, as an innocent man had died. Before moving on, they decided to sample some of the alchemist’s potions. Drakorgamort was lucky, and gained a iron skin, but Quarion‘s gamble did not pay off. He was transmuted into a flea.
Next, they continued on to the home of the historian that accompanied them. In this building, the egg was kept in a simple chest, with five locks. Red Horn opened one, and the minotaur’s face literally melted off. He became hostile to everything around him, so Lexor Narmolanya was forced to subdue him with icy breath. Then, Drakorgamort foolishly opened the remaining four locks. One of these cursed him with lycanthropy, and the others left him severely weakened. However, the egg was secured, and they proceeded to the final egg.
The final egg was kept at the home of Zizzlehoff’s niece. They entered the room to find her dead in a pool of her own blood, surrounded by slain orcs. In her hand was held the final egg. Lexor Narmolanya was prepared to destroy it, when Medrash protested. Then Medrash, when his fellow dragonborn would not yield, attacked, wresting the egg away from Lexor Narmolanya. The two began to fight, while Drakorgamort readied his bow. With a skilled sho, he broke the final egg.
Then, Medrash went berserk, the hot blood of The Infernal coursing in his veins. He attacked more viciously than before. Quarion, desperate for peace made a prayer to Uk, who granted him back his normal form. As his eladrin body materialized, he cried, “By the grace of the true gods, I doth return!”
Meanwhile, Red Horn began to thaw…



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