Infernal Ascendant

Chaos Risen

The Eldritch Blades slay the blue dragon with the help of a trebuchet brought in by more of the Trektopolicz Dragonguard. Red Horn was shot from it at the dragon with much devastation. It was Drakorgamort, however, who delivered the final strike, wielding a dwarven cannon from the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords.
After this battle, the Dragonguard depart from the group, saying that they must deal with the problems at the port and to accompany the Eldritch Blades any further would only hinder them. Thus, they pareted ways, the Blades continuing on to Olde Town, where the next egg could be found.
At Olde town, they encountered an old historian desperately guarding the Statue of Schmibblegibbon from an oncoming horde of kobolds and bugbears. The Blades rush in in aid, Red Horn throwing himself into the fray heroically to protect the historian. The foes were eventually slain, and the historian took the group into a museum. There, Drakorgamort got some armor (finally) and a scroll was obtained to summon the statue into life.
Red Horn called forth the great mage himself, who quickly crushed the egg. At that very moment, a great rumble occurred. The clouds darkened overhead, and the sea began to heave and roil. From the depths of a maelstrom, out stretched the very claw of The Infernal itself!
Schmibblegibbon rushed off to combat the new foe, and the quest for the eggs grew more frantic. Only four eggs remained – all in the homes of very powerful aristocrats near the central tower. They had to act quickly, but stealthily, as the could not be seen!
They chose to start with the house of a wealthy merchant. The building was dark, and the sounds of eating came from a dark corner. Drakorgamort‘s keen eyes discovered that the room was filled with bewitched merchandise. A rug, for example, was very fond of Red Horn. By interacting with the items, they learned that the room was inhabited by two hags.
Tension began to grow within the group, meanwhile. Red Horn challenged Medrash to a duel. Right before blows were exchanged, the hags attacked. The Blades, an alliance again, defeated the foes quickly. But past animosity was not forgotten.
The two combatants chose to fight without weapons, but fight they did, and viciously so. The dark whisperings of The Infernal had taken hold of all save the strong mind of Quarion, who tried in vain to prevent the fighting.
Then, from a closet in the back of the shop, out burst Lexor Narmolanya! Medrash, distrustful, attacked him on sight. Then, Drakorgamort began shooting arrows at Medrash! Utter chaos had erupted!
At last, Quarion made the group see reason, catching their attention with his prestidigitation.
Long negotiations occurred after that, but the fighting had died down. Finally, it was decided that, due to Medrash’s “relation” to The Infernal (they are both draconic) he would remain tied up and handcuffed for everyone’s safety. He would be transported in the cart.


It’s fun to see my actions portrayed as “epic” i like it :)

Chaos Risen

Well, you are on quest of EPIC proportions, so it would be only fitting that the partakers in said quest would do EPIC things! Keep up the good work :)

Chaos Risen

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