Infernal Ascendant

The Great Council

The Eldritch Blades arrived in the grand city of Trektoplika, home of the greatest warlocks of the land. They spent a day perusing the extensive shopping district before invited to attend the Great Council of Mages. A Young Black Dragon was purchased.
At the council, Zizzlehoff announced that a terrible creature of yore known as The Infernal was rising again. Eons ago, it was banished by the Gods Uk and Ku and entombed beneath the Roiling Sea. However, they knew their enchantment would not last forever, and they left behind scrolls so that a group of new adventurers could stop the Infernal as they did.
The scrolls contained a riddles that would describe the objects needed to assemble a Colossus, a being powerful enough to strike down the Infernal once and for all. The Eldritch Blades had already found one:
The Scroll of the Sea referred to [[The Shiny | The Shiny]] , a giant pearl that would be the Eye of the Colossus.
Two more scrolls and their respective items needed to be found, lest the Infernal drown the world in chaos! The Eldritch Blades were chosen for the task, and the next scroll was just below their feet, buried in the Trektopolicz Abandoned Archives…

Tower of the Goblins

We landed on the goblin controlled isle after sailing through thick mists. Erik Oaken Hull navigated us into a secret entrance to the tower that the goblins were supposedly unaware of. However, after Erik Oaken Hull sailed off, the walls slid down, revealing a battalion of goblins. Battle ensued, and thanks to the mighty magecraft of Quarion victory was achieved. Red Horn fashioned helms from the goblin skulls and one was mounted on Quarion ‘s staff.
The Eldritch Blades continued through the tower, slaying countless goblins. But they were tiring. Too many more battles and the stalwart team would be finished; skewered at the cruel tips of goblin spears. In a room that appeared to be only for storage, assassins and archers leaped from behind the crates. The Blades were cornered.
It was at this time that Red Horn ’s talent, speaking the goblin tongue, was useful. He convinced the goblins that the party had come to serve their leader and make an offering to The Shiny. The group’s belongings were taken away and Zaalgor was sent to hide in the cart to make sure nothing happened to them. It was later discovered that the cart was cast into the sea.
The Eldritch Blades were brought before the tower’s lord, a large goblin who called himself Noros Godslayer . He demanded that we complete several tasks: to recite the Prayer of The Shiny and to slay captured hobgoblin warriors. This was successfully done, and Noros led the team to the pearl.
Suddenly, the tower shook with the roar of a dragon, and a servant ran into the room to report that many goblins in the lower tower lay slain. A great crimson claw ripped off the roof of the tower, carrying off the shiny. Then came a blast of searing heat, and the tower was in flames! Noros, suspicion rising, drew his sword, which crackled with energy. Two hexers engaged Quarion in combat, Red Horn was swarmed by guards, and Medrash found himself in single combat with the mighty goblin lord and his enchanted cutlass.
Battle erupted, and foes were eventually dispatched and cast into the flames. Noros Godslayer was beheaded by Medrash and his sword was obtained. At that moment the floor collapsed beneath the victorious Eldritch blades. Just before they tumbled into the flames, they were snatched up by the mighty dragon, piloted by Herbert Trektopolicz which whisked both them and The Shiny off to Trektoplika, where at last answers could perhaps be found.

The Shiny

Upon finding the scroll, the mage Zizzlehoff appeared, telling us we were not to give it to Erik Oaken Hull. He told us to read the scroll to him, and we did. It read:
In the depths of the Sea is where you’ll find me.
A gem of the waters I be.
Behind jaws I am locked
there isn’t a key.

Medrash quickly realized the scroll referred to a pearl, and Zizzlehoff instructed us to find out any information about unusual pearls around town. He himself would find us a sailor to take us to the pearl.
The Eldritch Blades spoke to Wally, who knew little, and then to a gypsy, who told us that the pearl was held by goblins on a nearby island. That night, we regrouped with Zizzlehoff, who said that the best sipmaster he could find just so happened to be Erik Oaken Hull, and we were not to let on as to the nature of the mission. Erik Oaken Hull was not duly suspicious, and knew of a secret entrance into the goblin island.
Together, we set sail…

To the Scroll!

Outside the cave lies a forest path, where Red Horn manages to surprise the bandits lying in wait for us. After we defeat them, we slept in their camp. The next day, we entered a second cave full of a few inches of water. In the distance the glow of the scroll was visible. Guarding the scroll was a Boneshard Skeleton and his minions. Medrash nearly died, but the scroll was secured.

Zaalgor has Questions

We emerge into more stone passages, lit by a glimmer of daylight!!! But, guarding the exit is Grimlore, the final undead dwarf (who is also a wizard) and Zaalgor the wererat. However, Red Hord manages to convince Zaalgor to fight with us against the dwarf, whom we kill easily. After the fight, Zaalgor joins the party, often sitting on Red Horn’s shoulder in Rat Form. We rest the night in the mouth of the cave.

Undead Dwarves

Upon defeating the undead dwarf, his spirit emerges, thanking us for setting him free and imploring us to help his friends. We continue on, fighting a dwarf with a crossbow and passing through some water. Then, we come upon the lair of insects. Upon slaying some Stormclaw Scorpions, we level up. What could lie beyond the insect lair?

Into the Caves

Many rats and cave dwellers are fought. Red-Horn becomes sick on raw rat meat, but is later cured with herbs. The session ends when, after finding an underground camp, we discover that it is haunted by an undead dwarf.

Let It Begin
  • Arrive on Lourwa
  • Recieve mission from the bartender: Find scroll in cave.
  • Venture to the cave and begin fighting dire rats

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