Infernal Ascendant

Egg Breaking

The Eldritch Blades crusaded on, drawing ever closer to Trektoplika‘s great tower and the lurk of Commander Malthurzuum. First, they stopped at the house of an alchemist, where Drakorgamort brought a werewolf to a gruesome end while his companions slew the Bugbear archers lying in wait behind a fallen boulder.
After Quarion bravely fought through the wards on a door ahead, they reached the alchemist’s lair. When The alchemist refused to give them the egg and pleaded that they not take it by force, Quarion, invisible, sneaked over to the egg and broke it.
At that moment, the oni that was bound to the alchemist’s body was released, killing the poor man in the process. They defeated this foe with heavy hearts, as an innocent man had died. Before moving on, they decided to sample some of the alchemist’s potions. Drakorgamort was lucky, and gained a iron skin, but Quarion‘s gamble did not pay off. He was transmuted into a flea.
Next, they continued on to the home of the historian that accompanied them. In this building, the egg was kept in a simple chest, with five locks. Red Horn opened one, and the minotaur’s face literally melted off. He became hostile to everything around him, so Lexor Narmolanya was forced to subdue him with icy breath. Then, Drakorgamort foolishly opened the remaining four locks. One of these cursed him with lycanthropy, and the others left him severely weakened. However, the egg was secured, and they proceeded to the final egg.
The final egg was kept at the home of Zizzlehoff’s niece. They entered the room to find her dead in a pool of her own blood, surrounded by slain orcs. In her hand was held the final egg. Lexor Narmolanya was prepared to destroy it, when Medrash protested. Then Medrash, when his fellow dragonborn would not yield, attacked, wresting the egg away from Lexor Narmolanya. The two began to fight, while Drakorgamort readied his bow. With a skilled sho, he broke the final egg.
Then, Medrash went berserk, the hot blood of The Infernal coursing in his veins. He attacked more viciously than before. Quarion, desperate for peace made a prayer to Uk, who granted him back his normal form. As his eladrin body materialized, he cried, “By the grace of the true gods, I doth return!”
Meanwhile, Red Horn began to thaw…

Chaos Risen

The Eldritch Blades slay the blue dragon with the help of a trebuchet brought in by more of the Trektopolicz Dragonguard. Red Horn was shot from it at the dragon with much devastation. It was Drakorgamort, however, who delivered the final strike, wielding a dwarven cannon from the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords.
After this battle, the Dragonguard depart from the group, saying that they must deal with the problems at the port and to accompany the Eldritch Blades any further would only hinder them. Thus, they pareted ways, the Blades continuing on to Olde Town, where the next egg could be found.
At Olde town, they encountered an old historian desperately guarding the Statue of Schmibblegibbon from an oncoming horde of kobolds and bugbears. The Blades rush in in aid, Red Horn throwing himself into the fray heroically to protect the historian. The foes were eventually slain, and the historian took the group into a museum. There, Drakorgamort got some armor (finally) and a scroll was obtained to summon the statue into life.
Red Horn called forth the great mage himself, who quickly crushed the egg. At that very moment, a great rumble occurred. The clouds darkened overhead, and the sea began to heave and roil. From the depths of a maelstrom, out stretched the very claw of The Infernal itself!
Schmibblegibbon rushed off to combat the new foe, and the quest for the eggs grew more frantic. Only four eggs remained – all in the homes of very powerful aristocrats near the central tower. They had to act quickly, but stealthily, as the could not be seen!
They chose to start with the house of a wealthy merchant. The building was dark, and the sounds of eating came from a dark corner. Drakorgamort‘s keen eyes discovered that the room was filled with bewitched merchandise. A rug, for example, was very fond of Red Horn. By interacting with the items, they learned that the room was inhabited by two hags.
Tension began to grow within the group, meanwhile. Red Horn challenged Medrash to a duel. Right before blows were exchanged, the hags attacked. The Blades, an alliance again, defeated the foes quickly. But past animosity was not forgotten.
The two combatants chose to fight without weapons, but fight they did, and viciously so. The dark whisperings of The Infernal had taken hold of all save the strong mind of Quarion, who tried in vain to prevent the fighting.
Then, from a closet in the back of the shop, out burst Lexor Narmolanya! Medrash, distrustful, attacked him on sight. Then, Drakorgamort began shooting arrows at Medrash! Utter chaos had erupted!
At last, Quarion made the group see reason, catching their attention with his prestidigitation.
Long negotiations occurred after that, but the fighting had died down. Finally, it was decided that, due to Medrash’s “relation” to The Infernal (they are both draconic) he would remain tied up and handcuffed for everyone’s safety. He would be transported in the cart.

General Medrash

At the forum, Medrash once again assumed his charade as a general of The Infernal. The rest of the Blades acted as his prisoners, and the Dragonguard hid. The tourist prisoners, a family of aristocrats from the far off kingdom of Bailiwick, were guarded by wolves controlled by two Dragonborn lieutenants. The perimeter was guarded by the flameskulls dispatched earlier.
Medrash convinced one of the generals to get to the Olde Town District, where Medrash had heard that the forces of the The Infernal were having trouble. After that, battle ensued with the remaining lieutenant, who accused Medrash, correctly, of treason. They did fierce battle, during which the flameskulls, confused, exploded, injuring both combatants.
Medrash eventually won, letting the injured foe escape. Then, the tourists were freed, but they later got into a fatal struggle with the defeated lieuteneant, in which both parties died due to a spectacular spell cast by the eldest of the family.
Next, the group made for Olde Town, where the next egg lurked. But, before they made it to the western part of the city, they found the other Dragonguard camp, also embattled with a mighty adult dragon – this one blue and far more powerful – Commander Guulthu’um!

The Battle of Trektoplika Begins!

A great battle with the dragon ensued, Red Horn taking on alead role with his plan. Drakorgamort, Quarion, and Medrash distracted the beast while Red Horn climbed to the top floor of the building. Helga and Olga bade that he take their Axe of the Dwarvish Lords, which he did, before diving through the window and landing on the back of the dragon, where he began to weaken its scaly hide. Eventually, the dragon was slain.
Red Horn then chose to send out the dwarves to search the Market District for survivors. When they were seen next, they were at the mercy of kobolds. Red Horn tried to reason with them, saying that they would serve The Infernal if the dwarves were returned to them. The deal was made, and the dwarves were returned, but not before their throats were cut. “Unharmed” was not a demand for their return.
Vicious battle ensued, with Osbert and the healer Matilda coming to their aid in the end. They say that much of the city has been overrun by the servants of The Infernal and that there are several eggs of very powerful dragons stationed about the city. They must be destroyed before Commander Malthurzuum discovers that the Eldritch Blades are in the city, when he would release them.
The first egg chosen to be apprehended was in the botanical gardens. It sat atop a tree which was being harassed by flameskulls, and by a large reflecting pool, a staff was guarded by several orcs. Hiding behind some hedges, the group concocted a plan. Red Horn transformed the Axe into a set of armor worn by servants of the The Infernal. He gave it to Medrash, who impersonated a general and told the flameskulls to got to the Forum and the orcs were to give him the staff. Relectantly, the flameskulls departed and the staff was surrendered.
Medrash quickly passed the staff to Drakorgamort, who called forth the tree itself to smite the orcish foes with the staff’s natural power. The tree rose to life, and trampled the orcs to death. The tree then smashed the egg at the staff’s command. The tree introduced himself as Blackroot, claiming to be Drakorgamort’s distant ancestor. He refused to join the party, however, as he had “important business to attend to.”
The tree then loped off in the direction of the port, and the Eldritch Blades, Osbert, and Matilda chose to make for the forum, where it was said some helpless tourists were held captive.
On the way there, They passed through a camp of the Trektopolicz Dragonguard. The mighty warriors were beleaguered by one of the three dragon commanders that led the invasion: Panzerbax, an adult black dragon. The Eldritch Blades rushed in to aid the Dragonguard,and stole into the tower that the dragon perched on. Then, much battle ensued. Through an ingenious plan by Red Horn, the tower was brought down upon the dragon, crushing it to death. Accompanied by the contingent of Dragonguard, which was apparently led by Aggro Trektopolicz, the group made their way to the forum.

Calm Before the Storm

The crew met with Zizzlehoff after realizing the scroll was stolen. They discovered that the ashes of a phoenix were described, and Zizzlehoff told them of a location he knew of; a cave in the Stormlit Ridge, near the city of Complexica. They would have to cross a desert and a wood to make it to the cave, but cross them they would!
Also, Red Horn asked after a smith master to train him. Fortunately, Zizzlehoff knew of that, too. Her marked on a map the safest passage through the desert, and said he knew of a band of travelling dwarves that could help them.
After this discussion, Zizzlehoff recommended that they seek out supplies before departing, but to make haste, as foes could be closing in on thew cave as well.
The group went to Helga’s Hammers to buy some armor for Drakorgamort and sell some extra chainmail. However, mid-transaction, flames began to climb up the wooden shop’s walls! Through them peered the reptilian eyes of a dragon…

The Party
Upon reaching the surface, the Eldritch Blades were given a hero’s welcome. All of Trektoplika was in an uproar, and a great party in honor of their return was held in the tower. At this party:
  • Medrash was returned to a dragonborn
  • Quarion got into an in depth discussion with an achemist and experimented with hallucinogenic mushrooms
  • The Eldritch Blades spoke with an enthusiatic The Man From Council who was rather curious about the scroll.
  • Much eating, drinking, and merriment was had, and the group woke up the next day in a stateroom of the tower, horribly hungover
The crew realizes something is missing: THE SCROLL! The search frantically, but in its place find a note that tells of the glory of the Infernal, the hopelessness of the Blades’ mission, and personally insults each party member. Drakorgamort is compared to a salad.
The Second Scroll

All tasks complete, entry was gained to the place the key was held: the tunnels of insects beneath the pedestal. None other than the insects so fond of Red Horn confronted the adventurers. They were slain in droves, until at last the chamber of the queen was reached. Red Horn planned to get in the queen’s good graces, and offered mMedrash as an offering of peace. He was taken to a chamber behind the throne, and, by some sorcery, transmuted into one of the insects himself! At this point, Quarion saw fit to strike, unleashing a mighty fireball upon the foes. Battle ensued, and Medrash was, at times, forced to obey the queens orders, betraying his companions due to the compulsion of the hive mind. However, when the queen was felled, her servants, including Medrash went into a comatose state. A key was found on a chain around the queen’s thorax. Carting the paladin’s exoskeletal body, the Eldritch Blades made for the main chamber again. They sought for the dragon to return Medrash to his original state, as well as to gain entry to the scroll room.
Alas, the dragon could not save Medrash , though, at last the Scroll of Fire was recovered!

The Arena

The wolf pack was eventually dispatched, and, as a reward, the Arena Master granted Drakorgamort freedom from the book. They would need it…
Next, the crew was assaulted by zombie hordes! For his first combat, Drakorgamort held up well. They fell in droves, until only corpses remained.
The final challenge was the most trying: the Champion of the Arena! A mighty Dragonborn Gladiatior, clad in the finest of scalemail, faced the heroes. A long and arduous battle ensued, after which the victorious took a break for pie.

I Beckon Thee To Open the Door

After questioning, the wilden was proven trustworthy, and we decided to take him along in our quest. The party finally arrived in a large, domes chamber of books. Three statues dominated the chamber, and a pedestal with a book stood in its center. There were four doors, all sealed, leading out of the room.
There was much deliberation, but, finally, it was decided that Quarion would read from the book on the pedestal. At his words, the statues came alive, and asked the aventuresr why they had come.Medrash foolishly attempted deception, but, at last, their trust was won, and they opened one of the sealed doors for us to begin our tasks!
The first task chosen was Wisdom, and, in the room was a tablet with the question: why? It confounded the party for some time, until Red Horn came up with the answer: why not? The door reopened and we selected our next task: Work.
In this test, the heroes had to mine seven ores to be let out again. At the same time, they had to finish before the chamber filled with water and defend against kolbold (whom were expertly dispatched by Quarion .). With the group almost out of time, the final ore was at last mined, and the party was freed once more.
Before beginning the final task, war, they decided to read some of the books the Trektopolicz Abandoned Archives had to offer. Medrash learned about Dragonborn Warlord tactics, Red Horn was attacked by an overly-friendly insect, and Drakorgamort , the most unfortunate of the group, was actually sealed inside one of the books (due to disobedience of its clear instructions NOT TO TURN THE PAGE), to be released after the final task was done.
The task of War found the Eldritch Blades in a combat arena, fighting off vicious wolves! What more trials await them, as they close in on the next god-scroll?

The Archives

The stalwart companions spoke to Aggro Trektopolicz before entering. He told them that within they would be met with three tasks; of Wisdom, Work, and War. None before had succeeded in passing through the entire chamber, not even him.
Past a sealed door they traveled, and there was no escape until the task was done. They began in a room of bookcases, each with three books. When the correct sequence of books was pulled the door to the next room unlocked, but not before several failures that triggered battles with homunculi.
In the next room, iron guardians surrounded the unconscious body of a wilden. These foes, too, were defeated, and the wilden was revived. But who could this mysterious adventurer be?


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