Its master is its slave...

weapon (melee)

Choose: radiant or necrotic damage
1d12+str add 1d8 with a religion check 10 or less.
Roll 2d6. If both are ones (snake eyes) the wielder of the sword is smote by a fatal amount of godly might.


The sword is a fang of the Infernal himself. It is said that it will appear when the dragon-god will rise again. The Infernal visits its desired wielder in a dream, and the subject will awaken to find the sword clutched in his hands.
If the sword is stolen but the owner yet lives, the thief will be annihilated upon touching the blade. However, if the sword is won in combat or given as a gift, it retains its properties and becomes loyal to its new wielder.
The Godslayer in the possession of Zaalgor once belonged to Noros Godslayer .


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