Archmage of the Council, he has been a staunch supporter of war on the Infernal


Zizzlehoff is the most powerful mage alive. No spell is beyond his grasp, and only the strongest of sorceries can harm him.


Zizzlehoff was born somewhere in the Stormlit Ridge and was given to the mage council at 1 month of age. He was raised and trained by the wizard Blargoth, whose adventurous spirit that was snuffed out years ago by a fairy queen. After years of bland tutelage, Zizzle earned his “hoff” and began his life as a mage. He was immediately tasked to deal with the demon Kalgarikan, and his success in this task got him promoted to the head of the mage council, where he now presides. Zizzlehoff is 127 years of age, although he still contains a youthful disposition. He is creative, energetic and optimistic, and has gray hair that falls to his back.


Infernal Ascendant Zizzlehoff