Usyrus Vlackabar



The doppelganger is a master of disguise. He is clever and can assume any role with ease. Try to catch him and he will likely slip through your fingers. Beware: a friend by day may stab you in the back by night.


The doppelganger lives in service to the Infernal, his source of power. he will do all in his power to further his master’s goals, having nothing but contempt for those who lack power. In a losing situation, he will slither away to fight another day.
This particular specimen has assumed the form of Erik Oaken Hull, The Man From Council, and the wizard who conjured The Infernal in Stonefist Barrow.
He resides currently in Fangspire Keep, where he is plotting to lead and army into Complexica.

Usyrus Vlackabar

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