Schmibblegibbon of the Trektopolicz Family, wielder of the Orb of Flame, is unarguably the greatest mage ever to walk in Mythall. He is a master of fire, ans has once melted the very desert sands into fields of glass!


He has studied the warlock skills to a complete mastery, earned his Wizard Certification at Complexica Spire, and was anointed Master Druid of Uk. It was he who rose Trektopolicz Tower from the magma beneath the deserts and formed it into solid obsidian.
He has participated in many of the great battles of the ages: banishing Kalgarikan, harrying Commander Malthurzuum, and facing down an entire legion of paladins from Kura to defend his beloved home. It was in the First War of the Powers that he fell, but his spirit was bound to a statue in Trektoplika – and there it remains.


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