Noros Godslayer


Noros is an opportunist whose ingenious plans give him the upper hand. He wields the mighty cutlass, Godslayer. However, his skills have lessened and he’s fallen into decadence.


Noros lost his father to humans at an early age. He prayed endlessly to Bane for his father’s return, but his pleas were ignored. He became a heretic in his tribe, preaching the powers of self and casting down the gods. He was banished from his tribe, but he took what followers he gained with him. Together, they were able to commandeer a Lourwan vessel (that happened to hold the pearl) and wrest control of an island just north of Lourwa. He made his base there, at the top of a tower, defying the goblin way of cave dwelling. At the tower’s highest point, he kept the pearl, dubbed by him “The Shiny.” He and his flock worshiped it, and they held that tower as a beacon of fear until he was slain by the Eldritch Vanguard.

Noros Godslayer

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