Herbert Trektopolicz


Herbert is skilled as an alchemist, but he is also interested in training, conjuring, and riding dragons. Many of his potions are draconic, and he has made many advances in that field.


He is the eldest child of Bertha’s three sons. He is extremely creative and will become obsesses on his scientific crusades. However, he derives the most pleasure from flight on dragonback!

Herbert was an active participant in the War of the Infernal Ascendant, appearing first riding his faithful dragon, Gloryspark, in to the blazing tower of Noros and extracting the Eldritch Blades from the flames. He flew them to Trektoplika, where they would hear about the prophesied rise of the Infernal at the mage council.
Herbert tended the injured during the Battle of Trektoplika, and served as field medic when Zizzlehoff took on Malthurzuum atop Trektopolicz Tower.
He later appeared at Hearthstone Manor with his brother, to help the Blades prepare for the quest for the Heart of the Colossus. There, he trained Quarion in the ways of Alchemy, and brewed up a large amount of Ironwood potion for Drakorgamort (which the DM would often regret).
Herbert showed up again after the Eldritch Blades dealt with Vlackabar in the Raksashas’ lair. He warned them that the Infernal had risen in the Roiling Sea, and that they were needed in Trektoplika. On the backs of Hippogriffs, the Blades flew with Herbert to Trektoplolicz Tower, where Zizzlehoff and a party of mages stood down the Dragon God of Chaos himself.
The Infernal overwhelmed Medrash with his power, transforming the paladin into Medrash Warfury, who the Blades defeated and nearly killed. Fortunately, Herbert was on hand, who miraculously saved Medrash’s life after the power of the Infernal was driven out.
A council was held at Trektopolicz Tower to decide the next move, and Herbert was tasked to fly the Eye of the Colossus to the Summoning Circle with the help of Valastrix and a squad of mages. The group encountered dangerous storms in the Northlands, and, due to the awakening of Tiamat, malignant air spirits were awoken. They attacked the party, sending Herbert and Valastrix plummeting to a troll camp below. Herbert managed to imbibe a slowfall potion, and passed a second to Valastrix, so the pair survived the descent, but when they landed, they found that the troll camp was occupied by a group of hostile Runescriber Dragonborn, who brought them into a jail hut.
In the jail hut, Herbert and Valastrix were reunited with the Eldritch Blades. They broke out together, and journeyed with the Blades to Stromgrad. Upon entering the city, the Blades were separated from the pair due to riots in the poor district. The two laid low in the city, eventually finding and joining the resistance movement the Eldritch Blades started. When Kaivog was freed of Nolfavrell’s spell and the armies of the Western Coalition flew in to check on the Eldritch Blades and announce their plans to fly to the Summoning Circle, the Blades were publicly hailed as heroes of the city, and Herbert and Valastix rejoined with them.
From there, the group flew to Bahumat’s Fang in pursuit of the Godmind. The Blades took the Pilgrim’s Path into the mountain, and Herbert and Valastrix were left outside, awaiting a chance to break Nolfavrell’s seal on the main door. When the seal broke with Nolfavrell’s near death, the pair burst in to help the Blades beat Tiamat.
On the back of Bahumat, Herbert and Valastrix accompanied the Eldritch Blades to the Summoning Circle. When the Blades went off to find their pillars, Herbert and Valastrix, as well as their new companion Nolfavrell, stayed with Bahumat, and joined the Western Coalition in the fighting.
Herbert got separated from the two dragonborn in the fighting, and Herbert focused his efforts on tending the wounded.
Herbert made it out of the conflict with his life, and went on to be a very close adviser to Archmage Quarion. He oversaw the archmage’s training in alchemy, and started an Alchemical Institute in Trektoplika.

Herbert Trektopolicz

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