Helga and Olga Stonefist


Both are skilled forgers and battle-maidens. Helga uses hammers and Olga wields a greataxe. They are now dead because of Kolbolds.


The twin sisters went to Trektoplika is search of a place to set up shop. There, they had sold weapons for decades. The two were loyal to one another and friendly to all customers. In the Battle of Trektoplika, they met their untimely demise after Red Horn was betrayed by their kobold captors.
The Blades later took their corpses to their father, Jorik Stonefist, and they are now buried at Stonefist Barrow, the ancestral burying ground of their clan.
“Would you like a warhammer, laddie?”

Helga and Olga, right before the Eldritch Blades fought Tiamat, were inducted as the first female Dwarvish Lords, and made their presence known when the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords became a double barreled cannon with statues of the two dwarf women standing on each barrel. They watched over the Eldritch Blades from then on, and their names were immortalized in the Statue of Zizzlehoff.

Helga and Olga Stonefist

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