Erik Oaken Hull


He is a hardy man and a skilled fighter. People respect him, as he is strong enough to prevent too many bar fights.


He was well-liked by the people of Lourwa, as he was good natured and offered decent food and drink for a good price. His tavern was always busy. His only enemy is the keeper of the mermaid inn, who calls him “an ale-bloated swine.”
In his youth, Erik was a sailor, and he still has this skill.
Wally told the Eldritch Blades that it was Erik who betrayed the people of Lourwa to the forces of the Infernal, and the small island was overrun by kobolds. This came as a surprise to all, given Erik’s good reputation.
It was later revealed that Erik had been dead for some time before the Eldritch Blades walked into the Oaken-Hull Tavern. He was impersonated by the changeling Usyrus Vlackabar, who had been following the Eldritch Blades in hopes of capturing them and their Parts of the Colossus in the Infernal’s name. The real Erik died quickly and silently at the hands of Vlackabar, and his story was not widely known until after the war, when his name was assured a spot in the Statue of Zizzlehoff.

Erik Oaken Hull

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