Dr. Quinn Trektopolicz


He has always had a strong affinity to magecraft. He is a very powerful warlock, but is skilled in all aspects of magic.


He is the youngest of Bertha’s three sons. When he found Tumplet lying in a bush, he took him in as his own and trained him. Tumplet would later become the Lord of Flame. His great power has led him to be arrogant, but his heyday was during the Second Great War.

Quinn joined Zizzlehoff’s party to venture to Lourwa, since he knew firsthand from the Thornheart offensive the dangers that the Infernal posed. He supported the Blades whenever he saw them, visiting Hearthstone Manor to provide encouragement before they set out for the Heart of the Colossus.

Quinn flew with the Western Coalition into battle at the Summoning Circle, and lived to tell the tale. He headed up the rebuilding efforts at Trektoplika after the war, and served as the Chief Minister of Trektoplikan Magicks under Archmage Quarion. They shared a close bond after the war, and rebuilding of the city was swift.

Dr. Quinn Trektopolicz

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