One of The Infernal's closest advisers in the war, he would later be called "The Red Redeemer" for his heroism.


Malthurzuum is an Elder Red dragon. He has been blessed with the Infernal Voice, meaning that his fire breath recharges automatically. He has the raw power of The Infernal literally coursing through his veins, and he is confident that nothing can harm him. While The Infernal yet lives, no dragon is truly dead.


Malthurzuum is the direct offspring of Io, a lineage he is proud to uphold. He was good friends with the children of Bahumat and Tiamat, Panzerbax and Gulthuum, respectively. However, as the dragons approached adolescence, the Infernal commanded the three to duel, to prove which of his sons had best trained their child in his ways. The dragonlings did not at first want to fight, but Panzerbax and Gulthuum, who often bickered anyway, quickly took to the joyous ferocity of combat. Malthurzuum tried to stop the two, and they turned on him, tearing him to bits. Panzerbax and Gulthuum’s fight ended in a tie, bringing honor to both Bahumat and Tiamat, but Malthurzuum was cast into a volcano in punishment for interfering in the contest, and Io was shamed, which would later lead to him challenging Tiamat to combat.

The dishonor of his early life drove Malthurzuum to reconsider his ways. Stewing in his volcano, the call of chaos awoke in him, and he knew what he had to do to best serve the Infernal and redeem himself. In the Age of Utopia, it was he who lurked in Mt. Thorn, urging his disciples to attack the Six Mage Families. He was in fact “the Thornheart” to whom contemporary Infernal worshippers owed loyalty. Later in history, he fought a great duel with Schmibblegibbon, ambushing the warlock during his study high atop the Pinnacle. At last, after a long life of warfare, Malthurzuum was slain by a young Zizzlehoff and his late companion, Thunduro the Rouge during a fierce battle in the far north.

However, The Infernal has summoned him again, and while The Infernal yet lives, no dragon is truly dead. The god of dragons was pleased with Malthurzuum’s actions on Utopia, and offered revenge against the wizard Zizzlehoff. Malthuurzum returned to fight in the War of the Infernal Ascendant, as Commander of the invading force of Trektoplika. The force succeeded in taking the most fortified city in Mythall by surprise and causing enormous damage, though Malthurzuum was slain by the Eldritch Blades, and the city was reclaimed.

Failure at the Battle of Trektoplika was overlooked after scolding and a demotion to Lieutenant, since the initial assault served its purpose. Malthurzuum was put in charge of a secondary, secret force to strike Complexica from below while Usyrus Vlackabar and his kobolds assaulted the city directly. However, the Eldritch Blades, who escaped Fangspire Keep and traveled the Passages of Labyrinthia encountered the dragon before he could attack, and fought alongside Zizzlehoff to defeat Malthurzuum again.

This defeat was more harshly punished, since the Eldritch Blades were able to completely thwart plans to take Complexica. Malthurzuum was brought before the Infernal, who broke both his wings, and charged him to intercept the forces of the Western Coalition before they reached the Summoning Circle. The fleet of airborne mages on the warpath easily defeated the already-beaten dragon, who fell into a nearby snowdrift.

The Eldritch Blades, riding on the back of Bahumat, after having defeated the villainous Tiamat at the Temple of the Platinum Dragon, saw Malthurzuum lying broken in the snow. Not immediately recognizing their erstwhile adversary, the Blades descended to investigate. After listening to Malturzuum’s story, they judged him to be honest, and accepted when he begged to join them. After years of servitude to the Infernal, Malthurzuum finally saw why he could never be accepted, and said, “Were I an honorable dragon, I would ask for a swift death. But I have not been an honorable dragon, so I beg for my life, in the hopes of redemption.”

Redemption came as the powerful Red Dragon flew into combat alongside his uncle Bahumat and the Eldritch Blades. Malthurzuum proved loyal, and assisted in the Wester Coalition’s offense against a much larger force.

When the fighting came to an end, Malthurzuum stole away into the Northlands, in solitude. However, he was later found by Nolfavrell the Black and his disciples, who had built a library to preserve Runescriber learning. Nolfavrell told Malthurzuum that he was not forgotten by the peoples of Mythall, and songs of the “Red Redeemer” were sung in taverns throughout the land. Malthurzuum was astonished and overwhelmed to hear that he was not only forgiven, he was celebrated.


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