Bartholomew Trektopolicz


In addition to magical aptitude, he is a very agile and dexterous bard. His charisma is magnetic.


He is the cousin of Dr. Trektopolicz and is descended from a long line of professors and scholars. However, he takes a more lighthearted approach to magic and enjoys being a bard and preformer.

It came as somewhat as a surprise when Zizzlehoff announced before the council of mages that Bartholomew was to be in the group to accompany him to Lourwa, but the Archmage knew what he was doing; Bartholomew was once a Lourwa resident and entertainer at the Oaken-Hull Tavern.

Bartholomew returned to Trektoplika with Zizzlehoff and the rest of the company, and he sang songs to the wounded during the Battle of Trektoplika. He stayed and helped with the relief efforts through the remainder of the war, and performed a ballad for those who were lost at the reveal of Zizzlehoff’s statue.

Bartholomew Trektopolicz

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