Arcaelus Trektoploicz


Arcaelus is a historian and warlock of Trektoplika. He is very crafty and is a brilliant tactician, but he hides his calculating mind behind a facade of meekness. He is also skilled in magicks.


Arcaelus lived in Trektoplika all of his life, and he idolized the great heroes of the past, such as Schmibblegibbon. His life was jarred when the firces of The Infernal attacked his home. He was abducted and brainwashed into preaching the virtues of the great dragon. However, his inner devotion to Uk never broke, and he seeks the right moment to turn on Usyrus Vlackabar, his captor.

When the Eldritch Blades were being kept at Fangspire Keep, Arcaelus became a valuable ally. He furtively made his loyalties clear to them, and met with them several times to provide information and strategy to plan an escape. He also captured the kobold archmage, Ninibil Thane, and delivered him to Quarion so he could decapitate his nemesis.

Arcaelus escaped the Keep with the Blades, and contributed his affinity for tactics to the war council at Complexica. After the Eldritch Blades left in pursuit of Vlackabar, he stayed in the city of Complexica and worked with Incelidus Xixzar, High Battlemage, to improve the tactics and techniques of the Complexican military. He served as a field general in the battle at the Summoning Circle, and just caught a glimpse of Medrash charging in before he was mortally wounded by a kobold spear.

He was able to crawl his way out of the melee, and was barely alive when medics reached him. After the war, he was taken to Trektoplika, and told his story at the unveiling of the statue of Zizzlehoff. He was hailed as one of the many previously unsung heroes in the War of the Infernal Ascendant.

Arcaelus Trektoploicz

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