Aggro Trektopolicz


Aggro is a powerful swordmage who wields two scimitars. He attacks with blinding speed and accuracy and ensnares his more challenging foes in a web of hexes.


Aggro was born the youngest of three. He has a brother, Qig (the eldest), and a sister, Bertha. He is 67 years old. When fighting with Qig, the conflict escalated, and Aggro wounded his brother in the eyes, blinding him forever. They would later repair their relationship; Qig foud other ways to see, so they often laugh about the altercation. Aggro trained hard in the art of being a swordmage, and eventually fulfilled his dream to become Captain of the Dragonguard.

He always has had a desire to prove himself, and has only failed in battle once, in the Trektopolicz abandoned archives. It was Aggro who warned the Eldritch Blades of the dangers of the Archives before he unsealed the door for them. Their success in finding the Scroll of Fire earned them great respect in Aggro’s eyes, and they fought alongside one another in the Battle of Trectoplika, when Aggro actually took orders from Red-Horn. After the Eldritch Blades departed in search of the Heart of the Colossus, Agrro lead the rebuilding program at Trektoplika, and trained the Trektoplika Legion to better defend against the Infernal’s forces. He flew with the Western Coalition Army to fight in the great battle at the Summoning Circle, and, with the help of Medrash, Quarion, and Lexor, his forces drove back the dragonborn armies in victory against all odds.

After the War of the Infernal Ascendant, Aggro returned to his home in Trektoplika. He oversaw the rebuilding of the city, and made sure that new defensive measures were put into place to avaid another catastrophe like the surprise attack that preceeded the Battle of Trektoplika. In place of the Statue of Schmibblegibbon, who had marched off to war, he ordered the commissioning of a statue of Zizzlehoff, made out of a special stone from the Stromlit Ridge that glows blue when hit by the rays of the rising or setting sun.

Aggro Trektopolicz

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