Infernal Ascendant

Trials of the Forestkeeper

The Blades spent the morning training and trading at the forge before setting across the desert. A dwarven vanguard accompanied them as far as the Quil’s Stroke Wood – the final barrier between them and Complexica!
They entered the wood, and soon came upon a clearing, where a sphinx and a blue dragon were in vicious combat! Drakorgamort, with his staff, held down the dragon, allowing the sphinx to make the finishing blow. Then, the sphinx approached the group, and demanded that, if they were to pass the forest, they would have to pass his trials. He first demanded that they hand over their weapons.
Reluctantly, the Blades, Medrash last of all, agreed to this. The sphinx then gave each weapon to a different owner before leading them into a cave. The Eldritch Blades were more than a bit flummoxed, even more so when spiders jumped out from behind rocks, forcing them to fight with each others’ weapons!
Fortunately, having fought alongside each other for so long, they were able to slay the foes, impressing the sphinx. But the sphinx had more in store, if they would meet him at the Ghastly Glade.
The adventurers were given a map with a series of paths to the Glade on it, and they had 20 seconds with the map to process them all! The map was taken away all to soon, and, after great deliberation, they settled on a path.
They traveled until the sun began to set, when they came upon a camp. Stealthily, they observed the camp until they decided they could be trusted, and then showed themselves. The huters at the camp offered for the adventurers to stay the night, which they gladly accepted, unwilling to brave the forest at night.
When they awoke, they were tied up in the center of camp, surrounded by the hunters – in werewolf form! They had been betrayed, and, enraged, fought their way out of the camp. The next leg of their journey would take them to the river Stormblood.
The crossing that was on their chosen path was incredibly hazardous. The current was swift, and a jagged boulder stuck up from it. Making a rash decision, Medrash and Drakorgamort jumped for the boulder. Drakorgamort Reached it, and managed to jump to the other bank, but Medrash was not as lucky. He slipped, and fell straight to the bottom of the river!
Meanwhile, Quarionused his Arcane Gate to teleport the rest of the group to the other side of the river. Medrash was rescued with a rope.
Around early afternoon, they came to a hut that had recently been set ablaze. They rushed inside and found an elderly gnome couple, who, after a moment of hysteria, were able to tell the Eldritch Blades that they had been attacked by kobolds, who had run off in the direction of the Ghastly Glade! The adventuring party, after disassembling the hut (with the gnome’s permission), made haste towards the Glade, gnomes riding in the cart.
They arrived in the Ghastly Glade, seemingly before the kobolds. The sphinx was there, who, after making snide remarks over their poor choice of path, prepared to start the next test.
It was then that kobolds jumped out of the trees, surrounding them!



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