Infernal Ascendant

The Party

Upon reaching the surface, the Eldritch Blades were given a hero’s welcome. All of Trektoplika was in an uproar, and a great party in honor of their return was held in the tower. At this party:
  • Medrash was returned to a dragonborn
  • Quarion got into an in depth discussion with an achemist and experimented with hallucinogenic mushrooms
  • The Eldritch Blades spoke with an enthusiatic The Man From Council who was rather curious about the scroll.
  • Much eating, drinking, and merriment was had, and the group woke up the next day in a stateroom of the tower, horribly hungover
The crew realizes something is missing: THE SCROLL! The search frantically, but in its place find a note that tells of the glory of the Infernal, the hopelessness of the Blades’ mission, and personally insults each party member. Drakorgamort is compared to a salad.



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