Infernal Ascendant


After a night of frivolity, the Eldritch Blades were jarringly awakened by an alarm. Voices were screaming: “Battlemages of ”/campaign/infernal-ascendant/wikis/complexica" class=“wiki-page-link”>Complexica are attacking!" The group was rushed out of their roomand sent to the barracks, where everyone was gathering in the time of emergency.
Following the crowds, the Eldritch Blades arrived in the barracks, which were filled with a bustling, terrified crowd. At last, Usyrus Vlackabar arrived, and assured everyone that it was only a drill and that they were to report to breakfast later that morning as planned.
Before breakfast, they payed a visit to the forge once more, but the smith was too busy to help them. When a nervous servant insisted that they hurry to the Great Hall for dining, they did so. During the meal, they met with the cook, who, after some questioning, grew teary and told them about his brother, a man of Complexica who he begged for the heroes to protect in the coming battle. They agreed, and told the man to put a scarf outside his door to remind them not to attack his house.
After the meal, they group retired to their room before the coming training session at the Tournament Field. In the barracks stood a familiar kobold – their servant from the first day, the one whom they had thought dead. The kobold, named Zilgar, explained eagerly that the blood they had seen was not his, but his masters, who he slew right after he began to yell. Zilgar also explained that the paladin the Blades had hidden in the room was still safe. They instructed the paladin, named Leofric, to remain in the room, and Zilgar, having proven to be loyal to the Eldritch Blades, was ordered to gather any other kobolds who did not truly serve The Infernal and bring them to the room that night.
Time was nigh for the Eldritch Blades to leave for training, so they departed their sanctum. Commander Valastrix was waiting for them, and they arrived late while he was instructing a group of kobolds in tactics. Upon seeing the war general, resplendent in his mail and a look of determination on his face, Quarion began to fell sorry for his rudeness the passed day. He began to apologize profusely, and the Commander embraced him as a brother in arms. The thought of killing the old dragonborn became increasingly grim.
Valastrix then told the Eldritch Blades that he wished to challenge their prowess in a command role, and revealed that they would have an important role in the Battle for Complexica. In training that day, the adventurers were to command a detachment of kobolds against a treant! The heroes welcomed that challenge, a love of strategy especially keen in Medrash and Lexor Narmolanya. Quarion and Drakorgamort were exceptionally effective in exciting the warriors as well, so as the dragonborn planned attackes and formations, the mage and the seeker proclaimed speeches of great inspiration to bolster their kobolds.
Once the treant was heavily weakened, the kobolds lead a wild charge, destroying the foe with gusto. Commander Valastrix was most pleased.
For lunch, the Eldritch Blades enjoyed a feast of roast boar by the hundredweight, and then prepared for the council of war.
Usyrus Vlackabar headed up the council, with Arcaelus Trektoploicz, Commander Valastrix, and the kobold archmage as his closest advisers. Behind them was a large army of kobolds, flanked on all sides by a dragonborn guard. The Eldritch Blades were given seats at the head of the council as well, but they were not there to plot the downfall of Complexica. They planned to use Drakorgamort‘s skill with plants and the poison they were given the day before to poison many of the dragonborn guards, securing a more easy escape.
Quarion attempted to deceive the crowds with a light spell, but his magic was absorbed by an amulet around the archmage’s neck! The archmage’s enchantments only allowed a select few to cast spells in the council!
Fortunately, the archmage trusted Arcaelus Trektoploicz. He knew what the Blades wanted, and cast a quick invisibility spell on Drakorgamort, who slipped into the bathroom to sow his seeds of death. The other adventurers explained that their wiled friend was having a difficult bowel movement, so nobody grew suspicious with his absence.
Drakorgamort created a network of thorny vines underneath the hall with the power of his nature staff, and he poisoned the thorns with the deadly brew Arcaelus Trektoploicz gave to them. The vines found cracks in the flagstones, and snaked up into the council room, pricking the guards with their fatal thorns.
Meanwhile, the others listened to the war plans.
Tomorrow night, the army would march overland to the city of Complexica. However, there was a second force that was hidden in the dwarven halls established by ancient inhabitants of Mythall.
This second force, through a secret route, would burst into the Xixizars’ beloved streets and form an anvil to Usyrus Vlackabar‘s hammer.
Usyrus Vlackabar also explained that it was the Eldritch Blades who he wanted to lead that hidden force.
The council concluded, and, as they went off to their mandatory torture duty, the adventurers’ could feel momentous change in the air.
They were pleasantly surprised to find that the torture hut was left unguarded, and so they did not have to harm the woman who was supposed to be their next victim. There was only a note from the warden, scrawled in a sloppy hand:
Try not to kill this one.
Killing the woman was the furthest thing from their mind, especially once she told them that she was a friend of Bertha Trektopolicz, who was the mother of Dr. Quinn Trektopolicz and Herbert Trektopolicz! They took her back to their room hurriedly, before anyone noticed.
They opened the door…
Zilgar stood proud at the center of a room filled with a kobold army! A room was too humble a term – nay, it was a battle- hall! Arcaelus Trektoploicz had magically enlarged the room to fit all of the allies. Commander Valastrix stepped out from a shadowed corner, and when he admitted that he, too had a part to play in this mighty force, Quarion could embrace him as a true comrade.
Red Horn was thrilled to see his favorite prostitute was rescued as well.
Even the archmage showed up – bound and gagged! Valastrix admitted to capturing the fiend himself, but had saved the honor of killing him to the Eldritch Blades’ own wizard – Quarion ALderbough himself!
He looked his hated foe in the eyes, and watched the life leave them as, with vengeful joy, plunged his jeweled longswords into the kobold’s thin frame. He died instantly.
The servants of Uk and Ku were ready to wage war of their own. Bursting from the bonds of bitter captivity charged the vanguard of hope! They made right for the enemy’s heart, Fangspire Keep’s Great Hall. Usyrus Vlackabar had plagued them since that fateful tavern visit in Lourwa, and the time of his doom was finally at hand!


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