Infernal Ascendant

Mt. Storm

A great mountain wreathed in storm clouds and spewing ash stood before the Eldritch Blades. Within this mountain rested the Heart of the Colossus – the phoenix ashes that they crossed desert and wood alike to reach. Before entering, they reluctantly left their dragons outside, as they would not fit.
Upon entering an opening to the mountain’s caves, they found a room littered with the corpses of hellhounds. The obvious path forward was blocked, and despite Red-Horn“s best efforts, the rubble would not budge. However, upon further searching, the group found a second pathway hidden by loose gravel. The passageway was blocked by 5 sentient doors, each demanding payment. The first four required to cripple one adventurer’s arm or leg to pass on, but the last demanded payment is items and wealth.
With injured bodies and purses, they carried on to the next room. They were met by spear wielding salamanders, who defended their king, who wore a mighty ruby crown and sat on a throne. The salamanders attacked instantly to defend their territory, and battle erupted. The tree foes were dispatched rather quickly, and looted of their riches. Most impressive was the crown, which ”/campaign/infernal-ascendant/wikis/Drakorgamort/new" class=“create-wiki-page-link”>Drakorgamort claimed.
As he did so, the throne swung around, revealing the text: “Crown bearer, show me your fire.”
Medrash attempted to use his fiery breath, but to no avail. It was then that the wilden crown bearer himself called upon his primordial power to smite the throne with elemental spirits of fire.
The passage continued on, ending at a ledge overlooking a pool of lava. Standing by the ledge was an elderly man, who revealed that only by defeating him could they pass. With that, his flesh melted away, revealing a demonic mage of great power. The Eldritch Blades felt confident, as the foe was weakened easily, but then he conjured the magma below to armor him. With a mighty sweep of his staff, the mage cast Quarion into the pit, and the battle took a deadly turn.
The Blades fought desperately, hoping to save their friend, and in a fury of blows, they slew the mage before Quarion hit the pools of magma below. The group took the mage’s winged boots, and used them to rescue Quarion. Then, using the winged boots, one brave hero flew across the lava to a platform on the other side, where a lever was to be found. Pulling this lever extended a bridge across the lava, and they forayed on.
The next room was prefaced by a door, which they quickly opened. As it swung open, it sprayed the group with a poison to blind them. Only Quarion avoided the poison, and saw the danges of the room.
The pace was a maze of lava rivers, with a beholder sitting at its heart. A pair of winged boots was in the corner. Quarion had to lead his forces into battle, directing the others on how to combat the beholder without falling in lava. He also directed Medrash to the winged boots.
Slowly the poison began to wear off, and, senses returned, they were no longer helpless to the heinous eye rays of the beholder. They slew it wrathfully, and Medrash claimed the boots. He and Drakorgamort, the other bearer of winged boots, flew up to a ledge below the beholder’s maze, where two levers were found. They pulled them in unison, and stairs descended so that the others could follow them.
Beyond the levers, the path continued on until they reached a peculiar chamber filled with a red fog. The floor was covered in a sticky fungus that hindered their movement. Lexor Narmolanya gathered some of the fungus in vials after discovering that it was harmless.
Meanwhile, Quarion researched the properties of the fog. He learned that it was highly explosive, and shared this with the group.
No sooner did he utter the word “explosive” did Drakorgamort shot a flaming arrow right into it!!!!!!
The fog detonated violently, killing all fungus in the room and leaving the party with extremely severe burns. Most heavily injured was Quarion, who would have died if not for the help of Medrash.
This would not stop them, however, and the next chamber held the next pair of boots, which Red-Horn donned. Then, the tree adventurers with boots flew up to a ledge with three levers, and, pulling them, extended stairs for the others to proceed. However, Medrash‘s lever broke, and, although the stairs descended, the passage to the next room, which was a boulder that the levers slid away, was stuck. Thinking quickly, Red-Horn used the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords and transformed it into a lever handle, affixed it to the lever, and opened the passage.
Undaunted by the burns, they proceeded on, entering a large chamber. The ceiling was cracked, and the glow of magma seeped through it. Statues of fire archons lined the halls, and in the center sat an enormous statue of an archon lord.
As the Blades approached, the ceiling split, and lava splashed on the largest statue. Instantly, it sprung to life! It named the adventurers intruders, and attacked!
The archon wielded a mighty scimitar, and used it with deadly potential. Throughout the battle, more and more lava fell from the ceiling, making the battlefield hazardous. The fight was difficult enough, and then the archon announced that, if he died, the room would flood with lava! Between blows, the Eldritch Blades launched into full negotiation, each member providing arguments. At last, the mighty warrior conceded, seeing the error of his ways. When he allowed the group to pass, he saluted them as friends and worthy adversaries, and gifted them with his pair of winged boots.
The next chamber passed directly through another magma vein of the volcano, and the path ended in another cliff! Four chests stood at the edge of the cliff. One had a log, one had a potion of immortality, one had an enchanted sword, and one held a mighty spell tome. Quarion, with his talent as a spellstorm mage, divined that the room was a puzzle left by the archon himself.
Then, Red-Horn grabbed to log, and all other chests combusted!
FOOL – they branded him, but Lexor Narmolanya saw his wisdom. The log was enchanted, and could change in size and shape. They transformed the log into a bridge, and crossed the lava merrily, finding winged boots at the other side. Now, all five adventurers had a pair of their own.
Five levers stood between them and the Heart of the Colossus. As they pulled, they heard a voice – “Infernal be praised! We have found it!”
The Eldritch Blades pulled the levers and entered the next room – the main magma chamber of the volcano. Below them was a cavernous pit full of magma, and above them was a floating island. They could barely make out a coffin in the shape of a phoenix on said island.
However, the air was swarmed with harpies.
Quarion, Drakorgamort, and Lexor Narmolanya fought from the ledge, but Red-Horn and Medrash took to the air, smashing through lines of harpies to reach the phoenix dust.
While Quarion fired spells, Lexor Narmolanya and Drakorgamort used the fungus to their advantage. Once Lexor threw the fungus onto the foes, Drakorgamort used his nature staff to bind it to the harpies’ wings, thus making them fall into the magma.
Once the way was clearer, the others flew up to join the paladin and the warlord on the island. Red Horn had transformed the Axe of the Dwarvish Lords into a mortar, and held back lines of harpies with scatter shots while Medrash slashed violently with his sword.
The coffin, too, had five levers on it, so they fought on to defend the small island until Quarion, last to arrive, had reached the coffin.
Straining as one, hoping as one, the five pulled.
The coffin slid open.
And poison billowed out.
They fell unconscious, and, upon awaking, saw a somewhat familiar face staring them down.
The Man From Council.



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