Infernal Ascendant

Into the Fire!

The adventurers climbed the rope ladder and emerged in a chamber full of injured warriors lying on beds. Herbert Trektopolicz was rushing about, frantically tending the wounded. Among the injured, Wally the Lourwan smith and Jorik Stonefist could be seen. Jorik was dying of a mortal chest wound, and Wally had lost his right arm, and was drenched in his own blood. Jorik’s wife, Elena, was weeping silently at his bedside.
Medrash instantly launched into healing the wounded, and, with Bahumat’s blessing, Herbert gleefully reported that the dwarves would live! Herbert then explained that, just beyond that room was a bridge full of kobolds, as well as the dragon Malthurzuum, in battle with Archmage Zizzlehoff. Malthurzuum was chosen to lead a surprise, second strike on the city of Complexica, while an army lead by Usyrus Vlackabar pummeled its outer defenses and drew the attention of its battlemages.
The Eldritch Blades prepared for a heroic charge out onto the bridge. Malthurzuum roared, “Who now stands to rival the might of the Infernal Ascendant?”
Drawing weapons, the Eldritch Blades burst onto the bridge, felling kobolds in droves. Quarion exclaimed “WE DO!” and the others took up his cry. A massive fight on the thin bridge broke out in the shadow of the massive palace. On two large spires perched the clashing titans, Zizzlehoff the Inscrutable and Malthurzuum the Deathless. A crashing waterfall behind created a beautiful backdrop while the enormous cavern echoed with sounds of violence.
Quarion activated his flight spell and began to ascend to help his master fight the dragon. Meanwhile, the other Blades crossed the bridge, shoving kobolds into the abyss or imaling them on swords.
At the base of the palace, a mighty steel door was rent asunder by Red Horn and the heroes entered a throne room where once a mighty dwarf lord sat. The many-headed dragon Calystryx dominated the chamber, and a guard of kobolds and dragonborn warriors accompanied him. Calystryx was tied down with steel chain, but instantly broke his bonds at the sight of the Eldritch Blades. Lexor and Medrash made short work of the kobolds and engaged the dragonborn, while Drakorgamort did devastating damage with his bow and Red Horn tangled with the dragon directly.
Amidst the brawl, Red-Horn sought the advice of the Dwarvish Lords. The Dwarvish Lords once inhabited this very palace, and knew of a secret chamber behind the throne which contained a spear especially effective for killing dragons. Deflecting Calystryx’s blows, the minotaur shoved aside the throne, and, lo and behold, a gleaming spear of mithril sat in the hidden alcove, beautiful and terrible as the dwarves that forged it. Well, perhaps a bit more beautiful than a dwarven smith.
While he was tempted to use the spear to smite Calystryx, Red-Horn listened to Medrash’s advice and saved the spear for Malthurzuum, since the Dwarvish Lords warned it would break after one use.
A few more brutal axe-blows and arrow wounds downed the dragon, and Red-Horn and Drakorgamort hurried to join Quarion and Zizzlehoff. After finishing off the last dragonborn warriors, Medrash and Lexor ascended to the tower as well.
At the top of the tower, the Eldritch Blades stood by their mentor Zizzlehoff, staring into the maw of the foul Matlturzuum who was curled around the opposite tower. Zizzlehoff hurled a mighty curse at the dragon, crippling it, but the heroes found that the mage was founded grievously in the side. Medrash reached the top of the tower just in time to heal him.
Drakorgamort began firing volleys of arrows at the great dragon, and Red-Horn launched the great dwarven Spear of the Dragonslayer. Porcupined with arrows and bleading heavily from the spear wound, Malthurzuum gave out a cry of rage and pain. He conjured the fell powers of The Infernal and crippled the willpower of the Eldritch Blades, leaving them doubled over in agony.
The indomitable Red-Horn rose first, and transformed the Axe of the Dwarvish lords into a cannon. He fervently explained his plan to the others, who were inspired by their brilliant warlord and set to work immediately. Red-Horn climbed into the cannon, and as it launched, Lexor and Medrash encapsulated him in a shell of ice, which Quarion and Zizzlehoff electrified. Drakorgamort stood there and looked pretty.
The Minotaur bullet struck the dragon, and Red-Horn began to tear into the dragon’s back with his axes. Malthurzuum struggled, dealing a crushing blow with his tail, and Red-Horn barely managed to hold on.
But, hold on he did. He ripped off Malthurzuum’s scales, crippling the dragon’s defensed, while the other Eldritch Blades pummeled the weak spots with arrows and spells. With a great, rickety bellow, Malthurzuum exhaled his last, and fell. Would he return? The Eldritch Blades knew this not, but what they did know was that the battle for Complexica was half over. There was a city to be saved, and a doppelganger to kill.



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