Infernal Ascendant

Hearthstone Manor

Back to back, the Eldritch Bladesdrew their weapons. Screeching in from the heavens at that moment came two dragonborn, riding on black dragons. The foul steeds shot acid at the sphinx, who fell dead instantly! Surrounded and without allies, the adventurers prepared for a difficult fight.
Koblods fell in droves at the might of Lexor Narmolanya‘s twin katars. Meanwhile, Quarion and Drakorgamort joined their powers to conjure a storm. Channeling its lightning through his swords, the wizard smote kobolds with the raw might of a storm!
Red Horn focused his attention on the skies, and commandeered one of the dragons for himself after earning its loyalty. Drakorgamort followed suit, using his nature staff to gain mastery of the other dragon.
Many kobolds were dead, and the enemy was routed! Medrash engaged the dragonborn in single combat, and, as he slew one, realized that they were once guards in his hometown of Macurash. Showing mercy, he spared the other dragonborn, who fled to Trektoplika to become an herbalist.
Night began to fall, and, after looting the remains, the party chose to journey on, seeking Hearthstone Manor, the house that they had purchased at The Party. The dragon riders, Red Horn and Drakorgamort, went ahead on their steeds, and the others trailed behind on the forest paths.
Through the night, they traveled, and as dawn broke, the riders arrived at their new home. By noon, the rest of the party arrived.
Greeting them at the manor was the Trektopolicz Family! Bertha Trektopolicz cooked a feast in celebration, and many celebrated long into the night! Quarion trained for many hours in the alchemist’s lab with Herbert Trektopolicz, and Red Horn spent some time in the forge with Aggro Trektopolicz. Medrash and Lexor Narmolanya were content to spar, and Drakorgamort took a stroll in the garden with Dr. Quinn Trektopolicz.
However, the next morning, a meeting of great seriousness was held in the arena. The Trektopolicz Family described the corrupt steward of Complexica, Nolfavrell the Black. They explained that the Blades had to make haste to [[Mt. Storm]], a volcano whose magma chamber held the phoenix ashes that would form the heart of The Colossus! Understanding the urgency, the Eldritch Blades set out, with the greatest danger they had yet faced ahead of them!



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