Infernal Ascendant

Fangspire Keep

The Man From Council spoke.
“Welcome to Fangspire Keep, Eldritch Blades. I go by many names and faces, this being but one of them.” He proceeded to explain that he was in fact the doppelganger Usyrus Vlackabar, and it was he that stole the Scroll of Fire. He was also the one who betrayed Lourwa, while in the form of Erik Oaken Hull, and the one who trained the mage in Stonefist Barrow to conjure The Infernal.
Usyrus Vlackabar then required for the Eldritch Blades to swear a blood oath to The Infernal. The group was torn, and Red Horn and Lexor Narmolanya were tempted by the offer. The others remained true to their ideals.
Despite the conflicted judgement, none of them signed in their own blood. Lexor Narmolanya had kept some of the blood of foes he had killed, and dispersed it among the group so that they could cheat on the oath and remain free to choose later. Usyrus Vlackabar either did not notice or did not care, and he showed the Blades to their chambers. They received an opulent stateroom to reward their loyalty to The Infernal, and were given free reign of the grounds until the next morning, when their rigorous schedule would begin. The Eldritch Blades were to attend several classes and activities to train them to fight on the side of The Infernal in the Battle for Complexica. In 3 days, Vlackabar’s forces would march on Complexica, and there were preparations to be made.
Quarion spent the night planning, and, after breakfast the next morning, shared his plans with Drakorgamort and Medrash, as he did not trust the other two. Despite this, Lexor Narmolanya managed to eaves-drop undetected.
Quarion planned to use his prestidigitation ability to make illusory copies of Medrash and Drakorgamort so that they could spy on Usyrus Vlackabar and try to locate the Heart of the Colossus as well as find an escape plan. Quarion also used his magic to turn the two invisible, so that they may spy more effectively.
The first class they attended was in the barracks, where they were issued basic iron armor and shortswords to practice with. Quarion instantly got into an argument with the instructor, a dragonborn called Commander Valastrix. He managed to insult the warrior’s honor to the degree that a duel broke out!
Quarion fought valiantly for one so heavily outmatched, but he surrendered when he discovered that he could not use his magic in the tournament field. The group proceeded to lunch, having been ingloriously dismissed, and met back up with their clandestine companions. They learned that Usyrus Vlackabar carried the phoenix ash with him at all times in an amulet. At this time, Lexor Narmolanya shared the plan with Red Horn, and both assured Quarion that his distrust was unfounded and that all were loyal to the same goal – defeating The Infernal.
The next lesson to be had was magical instruction, where Quarion instantly managed to insult the kobold instructor. The annoyed instructor used the eladrin as an example in the alteration lesson, and allowed the group to vote on whether or not they should turn Quarion into a frog. When Lexor Narmolanya, against everyone else, voted yes, Quarion became a toad. In an offhand way, the instructor mentioned that being a toad prevented Quarion from sustaining magical spells, and then, after giving a brief lecture on alteration, undid the spell on Quarion.
They moved on to History of The Infernal class,which was taught by Arcaelus Trektoploicz. Quarion couldn’t help but bully this instructor a bit as well, but when they noticed him mutter “Uk forgive me” after reciting a prayer to The Infernal, the Blades realized that he was on their side. They invited him to come to their room later, to talk.
It was then that the kobold wizard and Commander Valastrix entered the room, carrying with them the real Medrash and Drakorgamort!!! The ruse was discovered!
Fortunately, the Eldritch Blades cooked up a story in which they were merely Quarion‘s illusory bodyguards, caused by his paranoia. The instructors were dubious, but, when Quarion managed to make one disappear (using a spell) with a wave of his hand, they were convinced, although remained suspicious. Arcaelus Trektoploicz continued with the lesson, and the other instructors left.
At dinner, it was Red Horn’s turn to make a scene. He challenged Usyrus Vlackabar to a drinking contest, which persisted for many rounds until ending in a draw, with both of them passing out. During the contest, however, Lexor Narmolanya managed to steal the locket with the phoenix ash from the drunk doppelganger!
He kept this a secret, however, and, after dinner, they all proceeded to the torture chambers to fulfill their task as torturers.
Once more, [:quarion]]‘s skill with illusion proved handy. They acted as though they were torturing the victim, wile not actually hurting him. Quarion’s illusions, however, made the supervisor think they were actually injuring the victim – a human paladin of Bahumat. In order to rescue the man, they pretended to kill him and throw the body into the sea, For this, the wizard of the group used more illusions, and the real body, made invisible, was taked to the stateroom once Lexor Narmolanya knocked him unconscious.
Back at the room, they met with Arcaelus Trektoploicz once more. The paladin was put on a bed and left there until he woke up.
It was then that Lexor Narmolanya revealed that he had retrieved the Heart of the Colossus. Quarion‘s enmity with the ranger exploded when Lexor Narmolanya said that he wished to hold on to the dust himself for safety. A fight broke out, but, with the help of Arcaelus, along with the other adventurers, it was decided that the safest place for the phoenix dust was hidden in a chink in Lexor Narmolanya’s dire wolf’s tooth.
For the rest of the night, Quarion perfected his plan. Meanwhile, Red Horn ordered for some prostitutes to be brought in, and then had violent sex with a dragonborn female for an impressive amount of time.



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