Infernal Ascendant

Fall of Malturzuum

All turned on Medrash in rage, as he was not in his right mind. The only way to stop his attacking was to subdue him, and he was overcome by the combined strength of his companions. The treat dealt with, the group investigated the room further to discover a door. On the door was carved the face of a demon, who declared:
p. “I stand on one leg, with my heart in my head? Who am I?
p. Intuitively, Quarion responded with the correct answer: cabbage. The door swung open, and a room lined with racks of scrolls was uncovered. Quarion found the ledger that recorded all that was kept in the room, and used his arcane skills to find which scrolls in particular would be of use to the group. Zizzlehoff‘s neice was nearly as skilled as him, and the group found scrolls to cure all of their ills. Red Horn’s Faceless Horror curse was removed, and Drakorgamort was restored to full strength. A scroll was even found for Medrash, which temporarily shielded his mind from that of The Infernal. They would need their full strength, for the tower loomed just ahead. All eggs lie broken, and there was rebellion to finish!
p. With the use of his nature staff, Drakorgamort weakened the doors to the tower, and a vengeful Red Horn bashed them in. The warlord found himself surrounded by Kobold Dragonshields. The [[Eldritch BladesMedrash | Eldritch Blades]] were outnumbered, but had never since let that stop them.
p. The entryway was won by the might of Red Horn‘s axes, and the rest of the party flooded in. Quarion secured the lift system to get to the next floor, and, after slaying the remaining foes, the other Blades followed him.
p. On the next floor, they were met with a fearsome manticore, who was restrained by more kobolds. They attempted reasoning with it, but soon discovered that there was no reasoning with a manticore. In hopes of setting it on its captors, Quarion tried to free the beast, but they had to slay it all the same (or they would be its dinner).
p. The lift mechanism was broken for the remainder of the tower, so they risked climbing a ladder
up the exterior walls of the tower. They gained entry to the next floor through a hole in the walls, but, during their climb, were bombarded with boulders from catapults, blasts of dragonfire, and the wrathful mental attacks of The Infernal himself. In fact, they were close to death as they approached the front lines of battle – and the return of an old foe.
p. In the center of the room was a barricade, with Trektopolicz warlocks on the defensive. They were besieged by a force of kobold slingers and dragonshields, which was lead by three dragonborn lieutenants. One of them was the very same that Medrash had decieved in the past. This time, he was wiser, and, enraged at his past foolishness, attacked the paladin on sight.
p. At the command of the Eldritch Blades, many of the warlocks went to the top of the tower to assist Zizzlehoff combat Commander Malthurzuum. The remaining three assisted Quarion in dispatching the slingers with their combined magical attacks. Red Horn was attacked by the force of dragonshields, and Lexor Narmolanya fought off the other two dragonborn while Medrash squared off with his old foe.
p. They won the room, and, after dispatching the lieutenant with gusto, continued on. Next was the Archmage’s room, which had been converted into a medical room. Herbert Trektopolicz frantically tried to heal the injured. They were the warlocks from the previous room that the group had sent up, byt their robes were torn and drenched in blood and gore. The Eldritch Blades volunteered to help, when they heard Zizzlehoff cry out in agony. The roof shook as Commander Malthurzuum landed, roaring with triumph. Herbert Trektopolicz, confident in his abilities, rushed the Blades up the stair to aid their friend and mentor.
p. The roof of the tower was strewn with rubble. Zizzlehoff, bleeding profusely, was fending off the great dragon’s claw attacks with his staff, when a blow caught him unexpectedly in the chest. Lexor Narmolanya acted at onec, healing the old wizard with a potion. The group of six faced down the dragon, and the air was charged.
p. The rebels struck first. Drakorgamort, his power augmented by the Archmage, conjured trees with his nature staff, binding Commander Malthurzuum to the ground. Conjuring all of his arcane might, Quarion used his mage hand spell to toss Medrash, Lexor Narmolanya, and Red Horn onto the red dragon’s back. The battle for the tower had begun. Despite all of the Commander’s efforts, he could not shake the three Blades from his back. Quarion and Drakorgamort held strong when the dragon bombarded them with his fiery breath. They suffered grievous wounds, but would pay any price to ensure that their companions kill the terrible Malthurzuum. At last, after being hammered by constant arrows, spells, slashes, and jabs, the Commander began to fade. Calling on the power of Bahumat, his patron god, Medrash smote the beast’s crimson skull with his holy sword.
p. Indeed, the city was saved! There was much cause for celebration, but nary the time. The Infernal was slowly clawing out of the depths in the Roiling Sea, and the second piece of the Colossus’ location was known to the enemy. The group needed to move at once – through a desert of unknown dangers…



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